Saturday, November 06, 2010

How Many?

Optimal number of wives: <=1. Cedric the Entertainer shows why:

Bud Light Cedric the Entertainer Island Fantasy

But there's a new "reality" show, perhaps patterned after "Big Love" fictional success. (Success is real, story is fiction).

Nod to Angry Alex...

UPDATE: Yes, of course the optimal number of husbands is zero, for a woman. Thank goodness the LMM failed to optimize, and accepted me.

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Pomo said...

Mike - The heavily male dominant and polygamous tribes in South Africa solved this long ago. Their reasoning is as follows:
1 wife is too few because she cannot do all the work and perform 'other' duties.

2 Wives is the problem you see in vid as they gang up!

But 3 is perfect! - Why? Because they fight amongst themselves and compete to win favor with the man - who settles the arguments.