Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Don't cry for me Argentina

In my international econ class, we just finished reading and discussing Bluestein's excellent book: "And the Money kept rolling in" about the Argentine financial crisis.

It's distressing to see Greece following the same path and the international community making the same mistakes today.

In class today, we are going to act out the crisis, PTI roleplay style, with heads on sticks! From Rogoff to Cavallo to Mulford to Menem to O'Neil to El-Erian.

Here are some of the heads waiting to receive their sticks:


LoneSnark said...

omg. I wanna see! Video !

Anonymous said...

We did this with Mrs. Angus in Latin American Economic Development. Great book and the roleplay had some hilarious moments.

Props to both of you!


Angus said...

Yes, it was Mrs. Angus's original idea. I beefed it up with a few more characters and acts. Just got back from class. It went very well!

Anonymous said...

We didn't have heads on sticks. As a PTI fan, I bet this innovation enhanced learning by at least 30%.


Joseph L. Hartman said...

It was a blast. The Cavallo picture with the peso and the dollar and Menem's smile are both a little unnerving though.