Monday, September 05, 2011

What's Your PQ?

It turns out MY "pq" is 29, very similar to that of Ron Paul. Doesn't mean all our issue positions are the same, but I would guess that in a 2-dimensional space our issue positions ARE pretty much the same.

Our guy* Tim Groseclose has an interesting web site for his new book. And you can find out what YOUR pq is, though it's a 40 question survey.

*Angus actually owns him. He bought an option, back when it was cheap. At least, he wishes he had.


Chris Lawrence said...

I scored a 30.1, about equidistant between Charlie Stenholm and Ron Paul... two politicians I probably don't agree with that much actually.

I'd imagine the numbers would have been less conservative if one of the chambers was controlled by the Republicans (the agenda setting power of the D's, or maybe ADA's agenda setting in their choice of key votes, probably makes libertarians seem more conservative than they actually are).

Ten Mile Island said...



I must be rather iconoclastic, eh?

Mungowitz said...

3? THREE? Dude, do your feet actually touch the ground or do you walk entirely on your knuckles?

And, Chris, you agree with RP on quite a bit.

Richard Stands said...

7.7 - interesting.

Tom said...

Most of the questions were of a category with "given that we will commit grave wrongness on a titanic scale, what about these minutiae?" The rest had flavor of "what is the right way to do the wrong thing?"

You could have warned us, Mungowitz.

I could never be a member of Congress: my blood pressure would soon be 1270/800. Score: 12.4

Dirty Davey said...

85.6. I might have been slightly higher, but I followed the rule of thumb of opposing anything supported by a majority of Republicans.

While "the Republicans are always wrong" is a strong statement, it makes an astonishingly good starting point for figuring out how to vote.

Gerardo said...

I miss the Libertarian truth test

Patrick said...

Most of the questions asked some variant on "Would you vote against this new law/spending proposal, etc.?" Given that I'm temperamentally inclined to vote against almost all laws and spending, I'm suprised I scored as high as 14.

Which puts me to the right of Munger, next to Lindsey Graham. Ugh.