Friday, September 23, 2011

Government by waiver

The Obama administration has really gotten into a groove with selective non-enforcement of unpopular laws. First Ms. Sebelius got the ball rolling with hundreds of waivers from the provisions of Obamacare. Now Arne Duncan gets his chance with the announcement that the Dept. of Education will selectively grant waivers from the consequences of not hitting the educational targets in NCLB.


They are giving waivers now for targets that come due in 2014!

Of course, "comply or face the consequences" is totally out of the question. Just ask Matt Yglesias:

"Simply refusing to grant waivers would be an unworkable non-starter. The issue is whether to just hand the waivers out, or to impose conditionality."

Anybody still think we can pass a bill now that actually would lock in long-term deficit reduction?




Richard Stands said...

But Rule of Man is so much more flexible than Rule of Law! Ask any tin-pot dict…er benevolent savior.

Ten Mile Island said...

Is this lawful, or lawless?