Thursday, September 29, 2011

If we only had that ram, John, we could mate and have fun.

So, yes, I defended Bev "Governor Dumplin'" Perdue.

Because at another appearance, she saw some sheep and told the co-founder of SAS, "If we only had that ram, John, we could mate and have fun." How can you not enjoy that?

Look, folks: she is not quick and witty. You don't have to be smart to be an elected official.

But she was clearly joking.

Maybe I'm just defensive because I often say things like that, and people can never tell if I am joking. They can tell it's not funny, of course. But they can't tell if it was supposed to be funny.

UPDATE: From the Blonde, who is not entirely convinced Bev was joking, comes this "separated at birth" photo...


Pelsmin said...

If her proposal was "nonsensical," how can she have a valid point? Which of her points was valid? BTW, if you're described as a "science professor" does than mean you're now apolitical?

Anonymous said...

Just because she's not a serious person doesn't mean she wasn't serious.

Regarding your defensiveness - how many dictator jokes do you make? As an analogy, I don't make race jokes because I don't think of them and I don't find them funny. Only racists make race jokes and only dictator-lovers make dictator jokes.

Mungowitz said...

I'm clearly missing something.

The question was, "Was she joking?"

If one wants to say, "We go crazy about jokes, and we should stop," then I would agree.

People went after Trent Lott for his harmless little joke about Strom Thurmond.

But you folks are no better.

And, yes, I'm a science professor. Fear me!

Anonymous said...

My point is not that we go crazy about jokes. Depends on who 'we' is, I guess.

My main point was that, even if she were joking, jokes are an indicator of how that person thinks.

Racists think race jokes are funny and will make them to people they think agree with them.

And anti-democrats think it's funny to joke about suspending suffrage.

“I really hope that someone can agree with me on that."

Anonymous said...

Lighten up Anon. Funny jokes are funny jokes, even if they're 'race jokes'. Not a fan of Chris Rock, Dave Chapelle, Carlos Mencia, Richard Prior, or even Jeff Foxworthy I guess.

John said...

Is there some middle ground between joking and bringing something up as a serious proposal to attempt?

The way I took it was that she seriously believed it would be a great thing to do, but was lamenting the fact that it would never happen. Kinda like when my company had a BCBS nutritionist come talk to us and she said that she would love to be able to force everyone to eat the way she thought was right, but knew she couldn't because "Americans wouldn't tolerate that."

Or maybe like when a modern Keynsian points out that an even bigger earthquake would be more stimulative.

Tom said...

Of course she was serious. There's nothing remotely funny about what she said. The serious part was limited; the problem is that legislators (and governors!) are much too focused on the next election. That much is clear, even to Bev, but she has no idea what to do about it, so her mind disengages and blah, blah, blah comes out her mouth.

We know she's heard of term limits, because her own office is term limited. A better form for term limits is the "four year" vacation: no person may stand for elected office if he has had a position of profit or trust with any level of government in the past 40 months.

No incumbents, no lawyers, no bureaucrats, no soldiers. What's not to like?