Friday, September 23, 2011

The laws of health care

1. Everyone Dies!

2. No amount of taxation can reverse #1.

3. Much of our health care spending is wasteful

1 and 2 are golden. need more good ones though.

Thanks and apologies (but no blame) to Dan Diamond, Austin Frakt, & Don Taylor.


Beau said...

Better is:

1) everyone dies
2) no amount of spending can reverse #1
3) much of our taxes is wasted on #2

Aretae said...

1) ... so far.
2) ... yet.

Aubrey de Grey, etc.

@toddsackmann said...

How about...
"Health insurance" is different from "health care."

The Winkler said...

Healthcare is expensive (lots of research and development costs).

Medicine does not scale as well as we'd like.

The fruits of healthcare are quite high hanging.

Healthcare develops in fits and starts.

Anonymous said...

"everyone dies" - proof?

Angus said...

@anon 1:33 am

See "all recorded history"

Tom@Blister Packaging said...

I really like your style and reasoning. I completely agree, especially about the part where you talk about how we overspend on healthcare. Prices have been so driven up that it is absolutely ridiculous.