Tuesday, September 20, 2011

What If the Professor Died, and Nobody Noticed?

In my opinion, the University of Pennsylvania has the widest disparity in the country between the Econ Dept (one of ten best in the world) and the Poli Sci Dept (not one of the ten best in the Philadelphia SMSA).

But....don't you think that if a professor DIES, someone would notice? The UPenn Poli Sci Dept is so badly run they never even bothered to cancel the class.

Dorothy Parker, when told in analogous situation some dreary boor had died, asked, "How could they tell?" I guess they could NOT tell, since ol' HT is still listed as being alive on the web site.

(UPDATE: I have it on good authority that Prof. Teune was in fact a fine man, and a good man. So, the above is clearly unfair to him. My apologies...to Prof. Teune. The DoPS can screw.)

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chofland said...

Right near the top, his page has a link to his Curriculum Vitae. Shouldn't that be Curriculum Mortae?