Monday, September 21, 2009

American Efforts at Weisse Bier

On this trip to the beach, I tried three varieties of American weissbier.

The tale o' the tape:

Surprisingly good, in fact excellent: Sierra Nevada "Kellerweis" Hefeweizen. Much, much better than I expected. Looks and tastes just like wiessbier, in fact. Well done. My new favorite, #1 American beer.

Surprisingly good, because it is not horrible: Michelob Dunkel Weiss. Again, much, much better than I expected. Not actually great, just better than I expected. If you are stuck, this beer will in some ways remind you of a real dunkel. For an An-Busch product, outstanding, though.

Surprisingly bad, bordering on terrible: Sam Adams Weiss. Awful. Appalling. Why did they even try? Tastes like a generic beer, no head, clear amber appearance. Supposedly "retired" (i.e., discontinued to end the sucking), but still available.


Anonymous said...

I love weissbeers, but they give me a headache the barley's don't.

Unknown said...


What's your view of people who garnish a wheat beer with an orange slice? I'll defer to your considered opinion on the subject, but I tend to toss them in with people who support socialized healthcare and the designated hitter.

read it said...

Shiner makes one, too. Cute bottle design.