Tuesday, September 01, 2009

RTL-Day Minus 6: NZHerald Reporter was Perhaps Too Credulous???

So, the NZ Herald Reporter was perhaps too credulous, and not used to dealing with Samaon despots.

Here's the NZH story...

Here is what Samoan "PRime Minister Wearing Khaki Shorts for Life" Tuilaepa* said:

"I can see that this is important to you, that you have made your voices heard, that you want us to reconsider," Tuilaepa commented after meeting the protesters.

"I promise you this, the Cabinet will meet today to reevaluate the hard decision we had already made, so that you know that we, like you, also care," the Prime Minister said.

The response was met by applause as Tuilaepa who had previously publicly refused to acknowledge PASS, finally took notice.

He has promised to have a decision by the end of today.

The problem is that clearly the PM was just blowing smoke. As this AP story makes clear, the PM is pulling the old "We already widened the roads" defense.

The great Samoan lane change disaster is back on. And it appears it was never really off. Wow.

*Pronounced "Too-EEL-ah-HAY-pah," by the way

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