Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Happy B-Day to Me, and Sadness

So, I'm 51 today. Hard to believe. Now I have been in a bad mood for 51 years.

Also, I'm a bit sad. I have meant to blog about this Danish tourism ad:
Okay, now of course, that is an actress. They are advertising that if young American come to Denmark they can get...well, you know what they can get.

The sad part? I watched that commercial intently, several times. And I have clearly passed some kind of age threshold, because I have zero interest in the pretty blonde girl. I just want to hold that cute baby. That is a GREAT baby. If I go to Denmark, can I hold that little baby? If so, I may go.

UPDATE: They pulled the ad! How can I ever find that baby now?


Shawn said...

There was a baby in the ad?

Anonymous said...

yes, there was a babe in the ad

Anonymous said...

I want to hold the baby too! I liked how he kept looking up at the mom, he was so cute!

Anonymous said...

seeking out babies?! you really are a politician after all...

Anonymous said...

I the papi of that there boy

Anonymous said...

O'Reilly: they think having a [hot] woman giving birth to a child out of wedlock is going to make people come to Denmark.
O'Reilly chick: after a drunk one night stand

yes. I say genius. I know where I'm taking my next vacation

Unknown said...

Happy Bday - where in God's name did you find that ad?

- Kesav

Anonymous said...


I'll go with you. You can babysit.

Simon Spero said...

I'm in London, and I completely forgot to ask Dr. M if he would cat site for me.
He's pulling the last few a bit to the left.

What's that?
Cat sit?
Oh, that's very different.
Never mind

Anonymous said...

For me, the moment was when I realized, on the subway, that I was paying more attention to who was wearing a dopey toupee than to who was wearing a brassiere. There are some REALLY DREADFUL toupees on the DC subway, by the way. dave.s.