Saturday, September 26, 2009

Stir Crazy

Meanwhile, back in Honduras, deposed president Marvelous Mel Zelaya remains hunkered down in the Brazilian embassy, some measure of calm seems to be returning to the capital, and the two sides can't even agree on what to talk about if they ever do talk. 

Basically, the current regime is about 65% of the way to successfully filibustering its way to the new elections.

Living in the embassy under tough conditions seems to be taking its toll on Mel as he is claiming that "Israeli mercenaries" are attacking him with radiation and toxic gasses!

Given earlier reports that Mel's crew was subsisting on rice and beans and had no AC or running water, I think those toxic gasses might not have been Israeli in origin.


Simon Spero said...

There's an easy way to find out; lets see if he feels better at sundown. After '73 we won't let our guard down totally, but we're not allowed to run the mind control lasers on Yom Kippur.

roberto said...

Mr. Zelaya cries out have gone from a plot to murder him through the honduran army use of toxic gases to poison him. Reality; they were all lies, what he wanted to do from the beginning was to create a situation which it could be used by Mr. Insulza (Chavez associate) to stir the OAS council members for them to declare the neccessitiy of an armed intervention against the govermment of Honduras and bring his partner Zelaya back into power. Mr. Lula and Mr. Zapatero intervention into this conflict only obeys and it can be found into the accords recently signed by both politicuans with the Venenzuela Dictator Mr. Chavez. and Ladies and Gentlemen this is what we called politics