Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Riddle me this!

Why is the USA virtually mum on the electoral fraud and now harsh repression of the opposition in Iran, but seemingly blind to any nuances and insistent on the return of Zelaya in Honduras?

The Monroe doctrine? The fact that Honduras is a friendly country to us compared to Iran and you should always treat your friends more harshly? Are we just trying to get on Chavez's good side? Is the Honduran case somehow more egregiously bad?

Or are we just hypocrites?


E.D.M. said...

Because Zelaya is a leftist.

Anonymous said...

i think we're just hypocrites

John Thacker said...

Honduras is even holding their regularly scheduled presidential election, and there is competition. The Supreme Court and Congress are behind the decision; all agree that Zelaya violated the Constitution and ordered the army to violate the Constitution. So weird.