Thursday, September 24, 2009

Nice Try, Ed

Friend of Humanity Edward Prescott of Arizona State University sez:

"I don't know why Obama said all economists agree on [the need for a stimulus bill]. They don't. If you go down to the third-tier schools, yes, but they're not the people advancing the science..."

Now this is pretty funny. I guess Ed said "third-tier" strategically to get the idea of "places below him" across, but heck, I'll just put it out there, ASU is a "third-tier school" in Economics unless tiers are amazingly thick (and yes that probably makes OU a 4th tier one).

Plus, there are obviously a lot of economists at better schools than ASU who endorsed the stimulus. For example, is Princeton worse than ASU?

To modify an old expression, people who live below the Penthouse shouldn't throw stones!

And, no I was not in favor of a stimulus, which is amazing given what a low-tier, no advancing of the science job I have!


Norman said...

In what way is shilling for the NYT "advancing the science?" Does Prescott mean "used to be be advancing the science?"

Anonymous said...

I think Ed winters at ASU. He spends a lot of time at Minneasota, but the university and the Fed.