Thursday, September 03, 2009

Preach, Bishop! Won't YOU Take the Pledge?

Someone has gone and made the Bishop angry. You won't LIKE the Bishop when he's angry. Here is his email:

After watching the really well done and moving "I Pledge" paean to President Obama and feel-good liberalism, I took the challenge and wrote my own pledge: I pledge to not buy a hybrid since its life cycle costs exceed those of my Tahoe. I pledge to increase my carbon footprint in order to encourage more plant growth. I pledge to not purchase any electricity from wind farms because they greatly increase costs without any measurable environmental benefit and they are UGLY. I pledge to overthrow the Endangered Species Act because it makes endangered species worse off. I pledge to educate my grandchildren about the evils of government. I pledge to promote free market environmentalism. I pledge to respect my neighbor's property rights by fighting restrictive zoning. I pledge to spend more time growing tomatoes. I pledge to introduce even more students to the great works of Western Civilization. I pledge to re-read Milton Friedman. Friedrich Hayek, Ronald Coase and the other great University of Chicago economists. I pledge to not be a servant to any government official but to serve my neighbors.

I'll take that pledge myself.


Unknown said...

Bravo, Mike; I'll second that. I won't "pledge to be your servant" like that dimwit Ashton Kutcher, but, good Libertarian that you are, you wouldn't want me to anyway.

I have no idea who 95% of the people are who appear on this video. I mean, I'm sure they're famous, but I'm also pretty sure I'd instinctively cross to the other side of the street if I saw one of them coming.

Unknown said...

Hey, I just found out how to spell "emetic"!