Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Lula Strikes Again!

Last spring, Brazilian President Luis Ignatio Lula de Silva kicked up a ruckus when he pinned the blame for the financial crisis on "white, blue-eyed bankers".

Now he has decided to clear the air and dispel any possible misunderstandings:

"What I wanted to say is more noteworthy today than it was then. What I wanted to say was that it wasn't the indigenous or the black population who should pay the bill [for the crisis] but those really responsible, the blue-eyed bankers.

"It was the rich who were responsible for the crisis. And we weren't going to allow them to put the blame on the poor people of the world, as always happens when there is an economic crisis", President Lula said.

Yikes! Does Lula really think that Geithner and Bernanke were going to pin the US financial meltdown on poor people in South America? And only his courageous rhetoric stopped them?

Get a grip sir!

Hat tip to Boz


Anonymous said...

Bernanke's eyes appear brown: http://www.topnews.in/files/Bernanke_1.jpg

So, Lula??? dave.s.

Tom said...

Imagine that some world leader tried to blame something (anything) on "kinky haired darkies." Go on -- imagine it.

I imagine there is still racism. It's the sort of racism that sets low standards of behavior on people who look like Lula.

ward said...

Alas it is not less logical to crucify every banker and every congress MAN with blue eyes than it is to believe that burning up another trillion on transfer payments is going to make the GDP rise. It might be a better test than ideology since they'd have more trouble faking it.

Anonymous said...

Well, after there was never a black leader that started a world war to create a superior race of black people... so I think Lula's prejudice may come from world war II hiistory knowledge... Though very un-PC, I think his blue eyed people comment must be taken with a very large pinch of salt.
After all there are also some blue-eyed (and poor!) Brazilians, being a very mixed country as it is.