Wednesday, September 16, 2009

She Crossed Her Arms, She Must Like Me!

Mimicry and seduction: An evaluation in a courtship context

Nicolas Gueacuteguen
Social Influence, October 2009, Pages 249-255

Recent studies have found that mimicking the verbal and nonverbal behavior of strangers enhances their liking of the individual who mimicked them. An experiment was carried out in two bars during six sessions of speed dating for which young women confederates volunteered to mimic or not some verbal expressions and nonverbal behaviors of a man for 5 minutes. Data revealed that the men evaluated the dating interaction more positively when the woman mimicked them, and that mimicry was associated with a higher evaluation score of the relation and the sexual attractiveness of the woman. Mimicry appears to influence perceptions of physical attributes in addition to personal and social attributes.

(Nod to Kevin L. Women always mimic him, for some reason)

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kebko said...

Robin Hanson has a post about a study that suggests mimicking someone makes you more empathetic to them & more willing to believe their assertions. So, it might be reasonable to favor people who mimic you: