Saturday, November 28, 2009


At breakfast this morning, I was regaling Mrs. Angus with my theory that Tiger Woods' injuries were not from the car wreck, but rather from Mrs. Woods, and that she didn't bust Tiger's whip with his driver to get him out of the car post wreck, but rather was simply wailing away on the car as el Tigre tried to escape her fury.

People, I need to sell stock tips or something!!

How do I do it? Expect the worst from celebrities and you will generally be in the ballpark!


Anonymous said...

Thanks to Tiger, the TV show "COPS" could do a "Celebrities, they're just like us" special.

Anonymous said...

lose the bird tiger; what a maniac

FifthBeatle said...

Wow! In all fairness though, the injuries did seem a little too much for someone who's just hit a fire hydrant after pulling out of his driveway. I mean how fast could he have been going?