Sunday, November 08, 2009

I'll Huffington, and Puffington, and I'll Promote Your Book!

Friends de Marchi and Hamilton have a new book out this week.

Interesting book.

Already promoted at Huffington Post. And reviewed here.

Colber Repor can't be far behind, right?


br said...

Read the dis on economists in the "Sneak Peak" section of the review. Excerpt: "Economists argue about whether this particle is rational or irrational, but there’s little sense that there are different kinds of particles that choose differently".

Nonsense! The reason markets have S&D curves [and not S&D dots] is because market participants are infinitely different.

I'll still read the book though.

Tom said...

Ms Tarbox would have done better to write the review in her native language and let a competent translator do the English. That way, we wouldn't be presented with "altruism" and "information" as types of people or "they...change their mind" or the delightful humans are "ration."

As it is, we can't tell if it's the book or the reviewer who are presenting facts not in evidence, such as (1) recycling makes lives better or (2) flu shots reduce risk.

Also, before drawing analogies with physics, it would be good to know enough about it to understand why physicists have be striving for decades to reduce the number of elementary particles to one and the radicals are looking at zero.