Thursday, November 12, 2009

Unsafe Deposit Box

Why does anyone live in California?

This story is remarkable.


aub said...

If I were more cynical, I would say that California's policies are a deliberate attempt to get rid of all those working schmucks so that the right people can have the beautiful state to themselves.

Anonymous said...

Full story from ABC here:

It's actually from May 2008. I like this part:

"It's not just safe-deposit boxes. A British man went to retire and discovered the $4 million in U.S. stock he had been counting on had been seized and sold for $200,000 years earlier -- even though he was in touch with the company about other matters."

ZombieHero said...

Vegas is going that way too, I'm glad I don't live there anymore. As more Californians left Cali cause of their asinine politicians, they came to Vegas and guess what, voted for those same kind of politicians. The only thing saving Vegas is the zero state income tax, but as the gambling dries up, the state is going to institute an income tax. When that happens, all my liberal friends in Vegas will start crying. No jobs, and increase taxes...HA

Anonymous said...

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