Monday, November 02, 2009

This Could Be True....But What About Joe Morgan?

Sports Commentators and Source Credibility: Do Those Who Can’t Play...Commentate?

Justin Robert Keene & Glenn Cummins
Journal of Sports Media, Fall 2009, Pages 57-83

Although research has examined how commentators shape perceptions of mediated sports, the area of commentator credibility remains unexplored. Using an experimental design, this study examined the effects of commentators’ previous athletic experience on the perceived credibility of sports broadcasters and viewers’ evaluations of game play. Results showed that experience impacts viewers’ perceptions of credibility such that commentators without experience were viewed as least credible and their games were rated as less exciting and enjoyable.


doclawson said...

Or Tim McCarver?

Anonymous said...

Anecdotally, especially as it relates to baseball, it seems to me that the inverse is true. Joe Morgan, Tim McCarver, Phil Rizzuto, Joe Garagiola, they all suck. In contrast, Joe Buck, Chip Caray, Harry Kalas, and Bob Costas never played the game to my knowledge

br said...

So what did Billy Packer do before he got into broadcasting? I'd guess clarinet fabrication.

Kindred Winecoff said...

I think this article indicates that the median sports viewer has basically no knowledge whatsoever. Which is not surprising.

@4:52: there's a difference b/t play-by-play and color commentary. former athletes go into the latter category while professional broadcasters go into the former, so it's only natural that the former are better at it.

@Munger: You should've used this opportunity to, which is still the best sports blog of all time (with the possible exception of Viva El Birdos.