Saturday, November 21, 2009

Pot? Meet Kettle!

So in the process of inviting Dutch EU parliment member Hans Van Baalen to leave the worker's paradise of Nicaragua, the deputy foreign minister, one Manuel Coronel Kautz, called Holland a "Paisucho", which is being translated as "shitty little country" or "crummy little country".

The Nicaraguan government has apologized.

Apparently Manuel Coronel Kautz is known throughout Central America for his colorful and folkloric utterances.

People, if Holland is a shitty little country, what in the world does that make Nicaragua?

Anyone? Bueller?

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Anonymous said...

President Ortega's government has apologised for Deputy Minister Coronel's comments but not for expelling Mr van Baalen as he "came as an envoy of interventionist foreign powers, forgetting that the new forms of interference and oppression are rejected by the people, especially in Africa, Asia and Latin America".

The summation of the attitude of these backward countries is what leave them prime examples of, well - paisucho ...