Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Deer Me!

Game Bill writes:

The WaPo runs this story reporting that a whitetail deer wandered into the Washington D.C. zoo and made the very unfortunate decision to jump into what turned out to be the lion park.

There links to three short videos shot by onlookers.

In the first, one of the lions jumps into the moat to go after the deer but the lion quickly drags itself back onto the dry bank. An onlooker comments, "that's one wet p**sy."

In the second, one of the lions has captured the deer on dry land and is playing with it like a cat with a mouse. But the deer makes a second valiant escape to the moat.

In the third, zoo officials try to wave off both the spectators and the lions.

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King said...

Saw this on O'Reilly. He reports the deer eventually became lion food.