Friday, November 06, 2009

Chilipunk'd in Honduras

Wow, it appears that Marvelous Mel Zelaya has once again gotten outfoxed by the Micheletti folks (the first time being when they loaded him up on a plane and shipped him out of the country). 

Last Friday, there was a supposed deal between the two sides to form a unity government and have the Congress vote on whether or not Zelaya would be allowed to serve out the rest of his term.

Apparently lost on the Zelaya team was the fact that while there was a deadline for forming the new government (yesterday), there was no deadline for taking the vote and the Congress was not a signatory to the deal.

Plus, it appears that the Obama administration now considers the signing of the agreement to be sufficient for recognizing the winner of the election scheduled for later this month as legitimate, rather than the re-instatement of Zelaya as was previously thought.

If true, that was actually a slick move by the US, allowing them to keep the status quo more or less in place while seeming to be against allowing the status quo to stay in place.

One thing is for sure here; Zelaya is a dope, who is still stuck inside the Brazilian embassy.


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Tom said...

All doubt was ended by State's Thomas Shannon who suggested that the accord itself was enough to guarantee the fairness of the election (NYT characterization). Ha! Thanks for that, Mr. Shannon; I needed something to laugh at this morning.

"Defeat is victory" is today's 1984ism.