Friday, November 13, 2009

Spitzer's Raincoat is to Spitzer as NYC Condom is to....

When I first heard of the "NYC Condom," I thought it was just a metaphor for Eliot Spitzer's trenchcoat.

But apparently they are real. And, the subject of research.... The NYC Condom: Use and Acceptability of New York City's Branded Condom

Ryan Burke, Juliet Wilson, Kyle Bernstein, Nicholas Grosskopf, Christopher
Murrill, Blayne Cutler, Monica Sweeney & Elizabeth Begier
American Journal of Public Health, forthcoming

Abstract: We assessed awareness and experience with the NYC Condom via surveys at 7 public events targeting priority condom distribution populations during 2007. Most respondents (76%) were aware of NYC Condoms. Of those that had obtained them, 69% had used them. Most (80%) wanted alternative condoms offered for free: 22% wanted ultra-thin, 18% extra-strength, and 14% larger-size. Six months after the NYC Condom launch, we found high levels of awareness and use. Because many wanted alternative condoms, the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene began distributing the 3 most-requested alternatives.

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