Friday, November 13, 2009

No Money for Nothing, And Your Chicks For Free

This woman lives without money.

If everyone in Germany tried this the welfare state would collapse, since it is much harder for the state to expropriate in a barter economy.

So, while this woman seems very proud of herself, all this really is is a big tax evasion scheme.

To which I say: YOU GO, GIRL! Bring down the German government!


Tom said...

From TFA: "She cancelled her flat,...stayed with friends and acquaintances..." and then...?

And THEN, she dwelt in the home(s) of someone who does use money and pay taxes, I surmise.

I know people here in NC, who decline -- on principle -- to obtain a state issued driver's license. They are frequently bumming rides from their friends whose principles are a bit more flexible.

Is there a word for a style of living that has a dependence on different styles of living?

LoneSnark said...

The state already demands you must pay them taxes on your non-cash income. As such, while it may be harder for the state to honestly assess what you owe them without your help, it does not stop them from assessing dishonestly (you owe us $100 for trading that chicken for that shoe).

yamahaeleven said...

Using currency like Silvio Gesell's would achieve similar results, but without all the difficulties of barter, which is all this lady is doing. We really need efficient economic systems where it is difficult to obscure signals, barter won't help much for the larger group, only a few individuals.