Monday, February 15, 2010

And while I'm on the topic...

Sorry for so many basketball posts. I guess I have Thunder fever. Here's one more.

It is a bad idea for Cleveland to pick up Amare Stoudemire!! This trade is rumored to be close to completion and I don't think it will help the Cavs get over the proverbial hump this year. Amare plays no D, has already shown he can't play with Shaq, and to my mind, is a fairly overrated player.

This trade makes no sense to me from a basketball perspective. Tyler however, provides an interesting rationale for why it might happen anyway.

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Unknown said...

The feelings of the first commenter to that MR post, Happy Camper, pretty much covers it for me...especially since Tyler got caught by NN Taleb pimping a review of his "Black Swan."