Sunday, February 28, 2010

Nolan Chart, Conservatives, Vegans, and Cheeseburgers

Angry Alex, on the Nolan Chart:

It says I'm a Libertarian. *Stands up in a room full of people and says 'My name is Alex and I'm a Libertarian and a recovering NeoCon.' I then duck a bottle chucked at me by Mike Huckabee.

Listening to Mike Huckabee preach the merits of conservatism is like hearing someone preach the virtues of a vegetarian diet while stuffing down a bacon double cheeseburger. Just sayin'


Carpe Web said...

It says I'm a libertarian, too -- just outside the centrist block. That wasn't surprising or objectionable to me, but I'm still shaking my head at the answer choices, *none* of which appeals to me.

Is there a category, "thinks every other category is stupid"? (Note: does not mean, "thinks people in the categories are stupid".)

Best regards,

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