Friday, February 05, 2010

The Biggest Swinging Ambassador

Frequent Commenter* Scott writes:

I must not be caught up on your blog, because there's no way you missed this.... Well, we HAD missed that, and I don't see how. How could we miss that, Angus?

*Though here, not on this blog. As he said, he apparently doesn't READ KPC.

Anyway, I tried to find out what "An gus" means in Arabic: "That the Gus" is the answer. And that sounds right to me.

"mun go witz" is closest to "depart from witt." Wow. Right again.

Don't blame me if the translations are wrong. I got them here. It is hard to type from right to left.

And if I just spell "Mungowitz" phonetically it looks like this:

مو نجو ويت



noahpoah said...

The first vowel in Mungowitz should prbably be alef, not waw ('ah' is phonetically more similar to 'uh' than either are to 'oo'), and the second (and maybe the third) vowel should be short, not long.

Also, if you're concerned with cross-dialect consistency in pronunciation (if? of course you are), the gim should maybe be a gayn. It's not a hard 'g', but it sounds reasonably close to English speakers, and the gim is only a hard 'g' in Egypt.

Anonymous said...

See, I knew I would get it wrong...

M Munger in Detroit...