Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Some Links: Do the Hoaxie-Pokesie

Some links. No rhyme, no reason, but some links.

1. Dean Smith wants terminal groin. His neighbor, John Edwards, already has one.

2. A remarkably successful hoax, and my attempt to put the hammer down (P. 3). But I have to give the OP credit: it worked beyond all expectations. Well done, lad(dette).

3. "Do employers discriminate by gender? A field experiment in female-dominated
Alison Booth & Andrew Leigh, Economics Letters, forthcoming. Abstract: We test for gender discrimination by sending fake CVs to apply for entry-level jobs. Female candidates are more likely to receive a callback, with the difference being largest in occupations that are more female-dominated.

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CrisisMaven said...

As for gender "discrimination": if you want to suggest that this kind of behaviour on the side of employers should somehow be altered, e.g. in the age-old manner of anti-"discrimination" legislation, I'm all for it, provided the same law also makes a statuory obligation on employees not to employer-discrminate, in other words, you have to apply where you would actually not have considered absent the legal obligation (AND take the job if offered!). That gives everyone a level playing field I should think.