Thursday, February 11, 2010

Small pieces of good news

1. The Federal government is closed for the 4th straight day!

2. Jobless claims fall faster than expected.

3. Randy Waldman actually got something right (only his first point though).

4. OKC Thunder sit in 5th place in the West, riding a 6 game win streak going into all-star weekend.

5. Shane Battier is gangster now!


Anonymous said...

it's not simply that the fed is closed, but all the military bases and the pentagon is closed. i guess the war on terror is postponed due to the weather...

LowCountryJoe said...

Did you ever read that article about Battier that was written by Michael Lewis about two years ago?

Heck, maybe I found the article through a link on your blog; I can't remember.

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