Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Why 3k?

Tomorrow night, Thursday, at 10:30 pm EST, the clock will go below 3,000!

That is, I will have less than 3,000 hours of remaining Chairitude.

Please do raise a glass of your favorite adult beverage, even if it is milk, and remember back with Oliver Wendell Holmes: Three terms of an imbecile is enough.


Anonymous said...

is this another Rorschach Test? not sure what you are referring to, but like the neologism.

Anonymous said...

Considering that Mungowitz is a chairman of a certain political science department, it seems that he's going to be relieved of his duty in about 3,005 hours.

Mungowitz said...

In Buck v. Bell, Justice Holmes said "Three generations of imbeciles is enough," to justify involuntary sterilization.

Eugenics, I mean.

Dirty Davey said...

We should get together for a celebratory lunch.

Mungowitz said...

DD: We certainly should! I'll email you, pronto