Saturday, February 20, 2010

Cheeky Greekys

This is so great in so many ways. Thank you Mr. Reuters!

Greek opposition lawmakers said on Thursday that Germans should pay reparations for their World War Two occupation of Greece before criticising the country over its yawning fiscal deficits.

"How does Germany have the cheek to denounce us over our finances when it has still not paid compensation for Greece's war victims?" Margaritis Tzimas, of the main opposition New Democracy party, told parliament. "There are still Greeks weeping for their lost brothers".

So, I am sure you don't need any help in breaking this down, but seriously, WTF???

Greek public finances are shot because of the lost interest on German reparations? 

When caught with both hands in the cookie jar, the first thing that occurs to you is to try and play the Nazi card? 

In 2010?

But the very best part of all this is that Germany HAS ALREADY PAID REPARATIONS to Greece!


From the same article:

In 1960, Germany paid Greece about 115 million deutschemarks to compensate victims of Nazi persecution.

Oh, Greece, is there anything you won't stoop to?

Hat tip to RSP


Norman said...
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Norman said...

By Godwin's law, Greece has now automatically lost the argument and isn't allowed to talk anymore, right? I think that's the rule for Internet forums, anyway.

Anonymous said...

So lets see....

there is a big fuss in the international media that germany has to help economically greece. A person that is not familiar with political thinking very reasonably will think:

Of course the greeks want from us (germans) money as we are the stongest economy in EU....and we are also a christian nation so we are expected to do good...

I am sorry my friend but u need some LSD to exceed your mental retardation ....

and i will explain why i suggest to use that notorius drug to save u from your mental torments.

1) Do you know that greece is the biggest importer of guns in europe? and now you have to guess who our bigger seller?

to make it easy for your tired from advertisements swiss brain:

Germany! you think that we buy german guns because are effective? or for political reasons? (dont press your brainshells to hard...).

(i just copy from media some data: from 1995 we have #invest# in german weapons 6.5 bilions E)

Have u heard by chance, that the greek public telecommunication company -the biggest in Balcans, with investments and sister companies in romania nad bulgaria- have been -:)- modernised completelky by siemens and then ()have been sold to deutsche telekom? Do you think that was not a political desision that has taken with the agreement of many kinds of political and economical assistance a series of matters (economical external policy, etc )? or you think that politics has to do with morality? (retard )

Do you know that the one of the biggest aiports in europe the athenian eleutherios venizelos is made and is currently beeing run from germans? or you think that your working methods are so good that the greek populists desided to trust your protestandic country once more? (retard)

Do u know that the olympic games of greece 2004 was guarded from the CI4 a systwem (3 bilions E) that never worked (god sei dank )and was sold from germans (siemenes) to greece? Can you assume political agrrements behind that shit?? (that doesn’t work and the media has presented it as a prime minister decision.) do you know we haven’t asked our money back?

Finally do you know that the boot of german capital in greece (siemens) was bribing both major parties in greece simultaneously to get all that jobs?+
Do you know that was the greek aspect of the international siemens scandal that the against corruption german court of bamberg gave asylum to all the persons involved?

Anonymous said...

(chistoforakos case). Do you see a reason for a diplomatic episode or you think that the greel government doesn’t discussed that matter as had better things to do?

The business of the german capital inj Greece are political excanges. (open a book except from brazilian vomiting porn magazines masturbator)

If you go to nuremberg my friend to the courtroom of the nazistic goverment you will find out -i suppose as a big suprise of your ignorance- that among the banks that stole all the jewish properties and gave them to nazis was dresden bank and deutsche bank (so you think that nazi card is old)...and that company that was fabricating these fine furnaces for humans was by chance siemens (birkenau: there are photos with this sexy trade mark full of human fat-(a company that makes still germans proud) so all that industrial trast not only never paid for providing nazis the tools to fuck us all but continued to bloom under the same trademarks also after the war.....

And then the young germans are claiming being really sensitive for the jew extermination…but of course that was a nazi job has nothing to do with germans

We are boiling in the same steamer my friend… and if your are sensitve enough to feel sad for the 7 milion communists (rusians+leftists ) and 6 milion jews that have worked exterminated from that industrial fascistic organization stop crying and see that your continent is full of Konzentations lage from creta to kailais in france and from spain to litauen….so stop crying because u will make me vomit.

Do you know finally that only the 30 % of the money that the international trials has desided that greece should receive from germany have been paid (not only fror killing but also as salaries for the guys like my grandfather that they have worked at german fields to feed your fascistic armies)? Do u think that the 500.000 people who have died from starvation during 44-45 in Athens deserve any material compensation? (moral doesn’t as we have seen the nazi industrial-banking trust never to be de-nazied (I dare you to ask the tour guide in Nuremberg , because to ask read a book would be a little extreme…))

I will not say to u that germany will not lent us money as it already did and asked us if we want more (3 times more precisly). But i will say to u that in greece is going on something more scarry.,.....
europe and greek suckers took a taste last december......
and that is the solidarity and organisation of the working people, against all that over international complex of interest that suck the greek, italian, albanian german,etc blood. and that is sth u have to learn from Greece or some years ago u will think that u will never get a 2 stores house like your father (and the after war generation) did because u are not responsible enough to win I, while working a a whore with a pimp a zeit arbeit firma…….

i hope that it will not happen that as the destruction of individualistic dreams lead to alcoholism, in that country.

so for your own sake THINK sucker!

Michael Ward said...

I wonder what the accumulated interest is on damages inflicted during Alexander's conquest of Persia?

Anonymous said...

after all these years trillions!

But the greeks make the german trick these were not us were some others!


have u an idea how can we start the reverse or the commanding pyramid?