Thursday, October 04, 2007

Lets Ask Alan! (a continuing series)

This is a great story, from Reuters via Yahoo news. Let me reproduce the opening verbatim:

Congress calls for "mortgage czar"

By Alister Bull and Mike Peacock Wed Oct 3, 4:38 PM ET

WASHINGTON/LONDON (Reuters) - Lawmakers called on Wednesday for a 'mortgage czar' to help cope with an expected wave of foreclosures from the U.S. housing slump but Alan Greenspan said the credit crunch was past the worst.

"We are beginning to see the frenzy calm down," the former chairman of the Federal Reserve told a conference in Lisbon. "Unless we get secondary effects the worst is over."

You know where I'm going with this, but lets take our time, ok? First, check the names on the byline: Bull and Peacock. Are you freakin' kidding me? That is sweet.

Second, "Lawmakers called on Wednesday"? not on Bush or on Paulson or on Bernanke but on Wednesday. I know the girl from the Addams Family was Tuesday, but who is this mysterious, powerful Wednesday?

Now to the main course. Alan Greenspan IS Jason Vorhees. He just won't stay dead. From his suite in Lisbon (up on a hill in the old part of the city I trust), he is ready willing and able with instant analysis. And such classically Greenspanic analysis it is. The worst is over, unless it isn't.

Thanks Jason.

UPDATE: no, as an astute commenter points out, the girl from the Addams family was indeed Wednesday! Strange person to ask to appoint a mortgage Czar, no? Will she pick Uncle Fester?


Anonymous said...


Actually the girl in the Adams family was Wednesday so maybe Greenspan is Pugsley?

Angus said...

Holy Crap! I googled it and you're right. So Congress wants Wednesday Addams to appoint a mortgage czar? I suggest Uncle Fester.