Tuesday, October 02, 2007

The Root-toot-tootin' Vladimir Putin

KPC earlier posted about the propensity of Latin American leaders to retroactively change the rules to allow their continued stay in office past constitutional limits. At that time I expressed surprise that another not terribly democratic leader Grabby Vladdy Putin had not executed a similar plan.

Well I guess I must have given him ideas because it looks like it's going to be goodbye President, hello Prime Minister!

Its a sweet plan. Install yourself as the leader of your party, run for parliament at the head of the party list, win, and bingo, you're the PM! If all goes to plan he will actually be both President and an MP for a spell.

However it seems like an unnecessarily elaborate charade. Why not simply get the rubber stamp Duma to change the rules and let you stay on as Czar/President? Any thoughts?

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