Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Bayou Jack Sends Pictures of his Mom

Bayou Jack writes, sending some family pictures, with a description.

Here, for example is his mom, and younger brother.

Seriously, quite a father and son team. Notice that they are from my hometown area, in rural central FLA. Bayou Jack and Dutch Boy come from the same roots. Little surprise I think the kid on the right was our high school valedictorian.


Dirty Davey said...

Larry the Cable Guy should sue the first dude for trademark infringement, requiring him to return to the tattoo parlor to:

(a) have the spelling corrected,

(b) have a "TM" appended, and

(c) have a trademark ownership statement tattooed in fine print elsewhere on his person.

What is trademark law for if not to keep folks like this in line?

Shawn said...

Let me be similarly excited that I left. I'm counting Orlando as having left, incidentally; but I'm getting out of here, too.