Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Munger Goes for Reverend Wright Award

Okay, so maybe this was a little intemperate.

Munger, who is the chairman of Duke’s political-science department, has never run for public office, and his ideology is difficult to pin down. He has been a Republican most of his life, and he said he expects to take votes away from the Republican candidate. But his support of same-sex marriage and a moratorium on the death penalty would appeal to many liberals.

“The Democrats in North Carolina are what the Republicans usually are, and the Republicans are the Taliban,” Munger said, with characteristic brashness. “They look to scripture to decide what their positions should be.”

Okay, that may have been unfortunate. The "Taliban" reference is a bit over the top. No point insulting people's religious beliefs.

One of the commenters on the article wondered if "Monger" was trying to one-up Rev. Wright.


Dirty Davey said...

What is "difficult to pin down" about the Libertarian ideology?

br said...

While that type of talk will probably hurt you for getting a majority of the vote, it might actually help you get the 2%.
There may be a quiet plenty of us in NC who are sick of people acting like morons b/c of their misinterpretations of THE bible.

prison rodeo said...

Testify, ma brotha!

Longtime Munger Fan said...

Booooooo to the quote

Anonymous said...

Wow Mike you nailed it. My wife is from NC, Having traveled back to there I concur!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for speaking truth to power

Tommy the "Sadly, I can't vote in NC" Englishman

John Q Public said...

it's hard to dodge sniper fire and give comments off the cuff at the same time. while i understand and appreciate your loyalty, it's likely time for you to repudiate strenuously the statements made by that man and fire him from your campaign.