Wednesday, March 19, 2008

My Bad. This is MUCH More Offensive

My bad.

Apparently, the psycho "Stop, or I'll call you a racist" guy who sent me that email yesterday was reacting to something else.

Time Magazine picked up my entire quote, on Obama's speech:

Michael Munger
Political Science Professor
Duke University

Obama's speech was brave. He is trying to take an actual position, rather than just distance himself from the Rev. Wright, who is clearly a political liability. But I think he is being naive. There are just too many easy attack ads, piling up in the Republican library. (Michelle Obama: "For the first time in my adult life, I'm proud of my country." Rev. Wright: "God DAMN America.") Maybe it's a shame that you have to try to exhibit a treacly, shallow patriotism to be President. But John Kerry got hammered just for protesting the Vietnam War, a war that George W. Bush ducked. A black candidate named Barack Hussein Obama can't have questions about his patriotism, and commitment to America, not if he is going to beat a genuine war hero. I think Obama is unelectable. He had to distance himself far from Wright. Instead, he was brave.

Okay, NOW I see why he compared me to the KKK boys from Pulaski, TN. Wait. No, I don't.