Thursday, March 20, 2008

Thug Life in Michigan Local Politics

State-owned thuggery in Redford, Michigan, a western suburb of Detroit.

A website devoted to identifying Dillon's thugs. Pretty impressive that all of them are taking "vacation days" to spend their time blocking and harassing petitioners.

These are state employees, mind you. I recognize they get a LOT of vacation time. But they must be getting one day vacation for every day they work, to be able to pop up that quickly to surround any petitioner who dares ask for signatures.

A news story for background.

This is pretty mean stuff. I wish that Dillon's state thugs would take a page from the Detroit mayor's book. Then, it would be workers getting screwed, not the taxpayers.

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John Thacker said...

Don't be so quick to praise Kwame Kilpatrick. There are apparently claims of the most unbelievable sort against him. Some police employees are claiming that they were transferred or fired for attempting to investigate the shooting of a stripper who had supposedly gotten into a confrontation with Mayor Kilpatrick's wife at a wild party at the mayoral mansion. There are apparently claims by retired homicide detectives that the Mayor had a member of the Police Department kill the stripper. Insane.