Wednesday, March 19, 2008 Breakfast of Academic Losers

Earlier, I argued that coffee, a muffin, and the NYT spelled failure in academics.

But it turns out I was wrong. The problem is: Beer.

(Nod to Bayou Jack, who asks: "Mungowitz, does this mean you plagiarized all your papers and books? 'Cause, looking at that gut, you have been DOIN' some beer." Thanks, Jack. I meant what I said about your mom.)


prison rodeo said...

"Some scientists suggest that biologists in the Czech Republic could prove to be an anomaly, given that the country has a special relationship to beer, boasting the highest rate of beer consumption on earth."

Ya think?

I still like Mungo's original thesis better, though I'd note that you can forego the muffin and coffee if you substitute the Washington Times...

Zach said...

Mungo, I calls it like I sees it, and there's no not seeing that 12 pack that precedes the arrival of the rest of you.
-Bayou Jack

Anonymous said...

Wow, Jack, that's conciliatory of you!

If 6-pack abs are good, then 12-pack must better, right?

Hey, wait a minute.....

Anonymous said...

I'm going to get my hands on this data and have my postgraduate students replicate and critique it. Look for a publication from Tommy the Englishman and 20 helpless MA students disputing the findings of this article.

It CAN'T be...or else I'm in trouble.

Tommy the "Real Ale" consuming Englishman