Sunday, March 23, 2008

Now Mungowitz can die happy

Duke is out and Davidson is in. Mungowitz must be completely delirious (as opposed to his usual level of partial delirium). Lil Davidson has their first postseason wins in over 30 years and has beaten Gonzaga (a 7 seed) and Georgetown (a 2 seed) to make the so called sweet 16.

For those who haven't yet read Mungowitz's autobiography "You can't touch this", Mungo went to Davidson and, because of his UNC roots (man crush on Dean Smith), hates his employer's main fundraising tool, Coach K's Blue Devils.

I say "so called" sweet 16 because from a quality of ball point of view, college basketball is an abomination. There are only maybe 10-20 college players that are any good at all, tops. NCAA hoops quality is at an all time low, though crazy stuff like this Davidson run and my ex-employer George Mason's run a couple years ago will keep the fanatics happy.

Congrats Mungowitz on the best Easter ever!


Anonymous said...

Yes, but college sports don't make money. The money Coach K brings in goes to his salary, lawsuit settlements (and other big time schools have plenty of lawsuits), etc.
Nothing goes towards academics. Davidson winning is nice because they don't waste money on this crap.

Tommy the "I enjoy cricket with cucumber sandwiches" Englishman

Mungowitz said...

Two things:

1. To Angus: You know more about basketball, and the World Wrestling Association, than I.

But I can't tell the difference. In the professional wrestling, just as in the NBA, no rules (traveling, fouls, etc) are ever called on the "home" team. And clearly Kobe is a scientific wrestler, if there ever was one. I prefer sports where the outcome is not agreed on in advance.

2. For Tommie: How in the world do you get the crickets to stay in the sandwiches? Not even considering how bad that must taste. Crunchy.