Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A Suggestion for a PLANK!

Dirty Davey suggests a platform plank, in an email:

A campaign suggestion--commit to a full-term moratorium on rhyming programs.

"Booze it and Lose it", "Click it or Ticket", "Learn and Earn"--we poor
citizens are a bit jaded by the poetry of the state.

So, I guess I'll throw out that stuff on "Never too late....to Masticate!" stuff I was working on. Free dentures for everyone over 110 years old.


br said...

You could still have alliterative programs like:
"Guns are Great"
"You Break, You Buy"
"Free Markets, Fare Maidens"

br said...

Any political commentary on why you've chosen to go after gay marriage and capital punishment?
In my mind, marriage shouldn't be a gov't institution in the 1st place, and capital punishment [important or not] just doesn't affect a large % of the peeps. There are plenty of issues you could get folks riled up about, so why those 2?

Michael said...

Well, exactly. Marriage shouldn't be a government institution in the first place.

And for some reason capital punishment is REALLY important to a lot of people here.

But, I have to admit, the election is a long way off. I am trying things out.

I'd say the two issues I would emphasize, in most forums, would be:

1. Education Choice
2. Cutting taxes on food and clothing.

Anonymous said...

Why not just cut taxes on everything rather than singling out food and clothing? It just plays into the hands of folks who want to give tax credits for this or that behavior that some self-anoited arbiter of what's moral and wise thinks is important.

Angus said...

people wear too many clothes. Raise taxes on clothes.

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