Thursday, March 06, 2008

Rejoicing in Okieland!

It's nervewracking to have students on the job market. For me at least, the responsibility for their placement is a heavy one. So I am thrilled to report that as of yesterday, all three of my students on the market have accepted tenure-track jobs! Two (a couple) at the University of Colorado-Denver and one (who I co-directed with Mrs. Angus) at the B-school of Oklahoma City University. Congratulations guys, go out and keep making us Okie-proud!


Shawn said...

congrats...must be nice to have a relationship with a professor like that; and I thought architecture was close-knit.

Anonymous said...

If only more Political Scientists were like you! I've heard a certain chair talk crap of his OWN students while trying to place them!

Rex Pjesky said...

If anyone reading this is considering grad school, OU’s econ department would be a great place. Angus and the whole faculty there are really nice folks. (I can attest directly to Angus’ brilliance, too.) They make a big deal out of the job search are really want each grad student who finishes to be placed well.

This is in stark contrast with what I’ve heard from other places (and especially other business disciplines) where a grad student’s only purpose is to pad a professor’s vita.

I’m a 2002 Ph.D. from OU and on to a career that is not going to completely suck. I wouldn’t change a thing.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you're a good guy doing a good job.

Glad to hear of a positive externality from some of the moolah I forked over in the last couple of years for my librarian's license (and not much else) at the same institution.