Wednesday, April 02, 2008

College Kids Easily Bored: Munger Campaigns at Pembroke

I drove down to UNC-Pembroke, and participated in the GOOB debate.

From the description, the crowd was not overwhelmed with the proceedings.

Nice picture, though.


Anonymous said...

In general, when the missus and I say 'GOOB' what we are referring to is a Going Out Of Business sale. As in, the CD store at the subway entrance is having a GOOB sale. Any relevance to the Governor's race is yours to decide. dave.s.

Mungowitz said...

I will now always be describing it as the GOOB race.

And, for JUST the reason you describe.

br said...

Maybe Cooke has a point about the ties. What's the NC version of Lamar Alexander plaid? Maybe flip-flops and seersucker???

Tom said...

We don't need a whelmed crowd, just one that listens. It sounds like you got that much, Mike.