Friday, July 15, 2011

Cut cut cut, cut cut defense

I don't see how anyone could look at this chart and not see an easy $2 trillion in budget cuts over the next 10 years ($200 billion per year for 10 years).

To paraphrase / update some long dead white dude: "$500 billion for defense and $200 billion back in our pockets!!"

PS: OMG, Shrub was such a bad bad bad president. And to follow him, the GOP wanted us to go with this guy:


John Thacker said...

The sad thing is that the House is actually proposing less defense spending than the Obama Administration-- and the Obama Administration has actually threatened a veto of the defense bill for not spending enough.

So it's not even the case that the Republicans are twisting Obama's arm into spending more on defense. He's not even trying to cut it.

Amendments to cut defense spending in the House more failed while getting 50-65 Republican votes each; the moderate Democrats voted for more war spending, natch.

John Thacker said...

OTOH, the guy that the GOP went with in 2008 voted against the two Energy Bills, the Bush tax cuts, Medicare Part D, the last two Agriculture bills, the stimulus, and a bunch of other things.

Bad though McCain might be, he's miles above GWB or GWB's Third Term.

We already got undeclared illegal wars in Libya and possibly several other places.