Sunday, July 03, 2011

A Tangled Web: Papiss, Pliss

Hey, who told you that you could use that sunscreen, kid!?

Camp comes down hard on unauthorized sunscreen users!!

“The camp is just doing what the state ordered them to do,” said Paul Basken, a father of two children who attend Barrie camp. “But this can’t be serious. I mean, if I didn’t feel safe about the camp, I just wouldn’t send my kids there.”

Oh, Paul: They are NOTHING if not serious. I just hope these same legislators and bureaucrats can soon be put in charge of whether or not I am "authorized" to take my aspirin. Show yoah papiss, pliss.

(Nod to the Anonywife)

1 comment:

DirtyCampCounselor said...

The form clearly authorizes me to use my penis to apply sunblock to the camper:

"sunblock may be applied with or without assistance from staff members".