Thursday, July 21, 2011

Resisting Arrest

This man is going to jail for resisting arrest.

Some neighbor called the police, said "a black man" was entering the house.

Of course, it was his house, if that matters.

Nope, it doesn't matter. Off to jail with you, amigo!


jcpederson said...

Time for another beer summit?

Norman said...

Ah, Texas, home of liberty!

Tom said...

If there were a deliberate campaign to public suspicion and distrust of police, could they come up with better material than this?

Short term, we need jury nullification and educated jurors who will employ it.

Careless said...

I don't know if the story from Indiana about their Supreme Court ruling that there was no right to resist the police illegally entering your home.

Pelsmin said...

Guys, read up. First look at this from the police perspective; they get a call that a home is being burglarized. They don't know if it is, but they do their "protect and serve" thing and find a guy who's kicked in the door of a house, entered it, and then hid in a bathroom when they went to investigate. He behaves like a burglar, refusing to communicate or cooperate. Turns out he is a criminal, hence his otherwise inexplicable behavior. The guy was an illegal immigrant, and wanted nothing to do with people there to enforce the law. As a member of the second-most deported group in America, Honduran illegals, he knows what is in store for him.
Police were doing their job. The criminal got busted for the wrong crime. And now he gets to proceed with his civil suit, unperturbed by any pesky immigration law officers.