Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Unemployment benefits expiring? Please.

Wake me up when three things happen:

1. Social security/medicare/entitlement reform. Raise ages, means test, raise maximum payroll before taxes go to zero.

2. Cut DOD and other defense related spending by at least 15%. More is better, but no less.

3. Reform taxes along lines suggested by Bowles-Simpson budget commission proposal.

Everything else is bullshit. And I got to say so on the Takeaway this morn. (7 am is early for a radio show...ugh)


jeremy h. said...

I like how they just throw around phrases like "statistically significant driver of the nation's economy" without citing anything.

Anonymous said...

I got out of the army last year and have been using my unemployment benefits to buy a nice little sports car. That chick should have more fun with other peoples money instead of buying groceries.

Pr1nc3_Ch4rm said...

I could get on board with your first two prescriptions, but Bowles-Simpsons is a mess. Two of the Republicans who originally sponsored a bill to pass the commissions recommendations ultimately turned around voted it down.