Sunday, July 31, 2011

Waiting For It To Drop

This is a picture of our government, waiting for someone to do something.

Can I have a deal now? Now? How about NOW?

(UPDATE: Not yet! Repubs just blocked a vote in the Senate)


Mike said...

A deal came a few hours after your post. So the great US political system (!) finally comes to some sense. What a fiasco. said...

We have seen this so many times before. I am hopeful between the DEMS who want taxes to go up and the rich and the TP GOPers who don't see enough in immediate cuts, the bill will fail in the House.

If Congress would eliminate agencies that duplicate what states already do (my favorite the DOE) for themselves it would be a good start rather then continuing to scare the public and SS and Medicare merely to gain support for any legislation, no matter the details.

The failure of the GOP leadership to embrace creative alternatives circulating in the House and Senate is evidence they need to be replaced before meaningful
changes will occur.