Friday, July 15, 2011

Lounge Chairs = Lebensraum?

This video is tremendous.

I like the tiny German swim briefs. That is what KPC pal Martin wears, though he prefers brighter colors. I still have nightmares about it.

(Nod to Tommy the Brit, who looks pretty good in German swim briefs)

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Anonymous said...

True story! Unfortunately even the swim briefs part.
That´s how we Germans do it. You actually have to reserve a spot at the pool and at the beach, even if you don´t show up at neither of the two in the end.
In order to do so you ask at the reception when they open the pool area, which is usually six, and that´s when you get up for the hunt for the nice spots. The spot also matters a lot. You don´t just want to have a lounge chair and some Germans get mad if they are not able to get their "traditional" spot they have chosen to be their personal favourite spot for the whole vacation. In case you travel with your family or a goup, of course only one person gets up and reserves several lounge chairs with a whole bunch of towels.