Monday, July 11, 2011

Eye Troubles

Damn, damn, thrice damn.

Trouble seeing, left eye hurting. Dr. Gupta says "macular edema," which just means its swollen. Scar tissue on retina, though it's the clear kind of scar tissue not the thick PVR kind, which is some good news.

I get two prescriptions. One is for Nevanac. 3 ml: $350. At 20 drops/ml, that almost $6 per drop. Now, we have excellent insurance, so it much less than that to me. But $6/drop? Wow.

Worrisome. If this doesn't take down the swelling, I go back under the knife for surgery to remove the scar tissue. Firetruck.


Mr. Overwater said...

I'm sorry to hear about that Mike. I hope the drops work.

Martin said...

I second that. Alles Gute!